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Gezocht: Porn contract wanted


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  • 06 Jun. 2019, 14:57:50
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Model Porn contract wantedModel Porn contract wantedModel Porn contract wantedModel Porn contract wantedModel Porn contract wanted

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Hi there,

anybody outhere who likes to do a good deal ?

I need work as porn model - no, i am not kidding!

Here are my conditions working as erotic model:

Being available for:
- photo, film and live
- softcore and hardcore
- fetish
- hetero, bi, gay
- active / passive
- indoor / outdoor
- full nude only
- alone or together with any sex and any legal age
- with-/out condom

Your advantage: 
- I work for free - you don`t have to pay me any fee for any production
- Being available for any content active / passive within my taboos
- You get maximum exploitation
- You get all rights

Our agreement:
- i like to have a written contract
  a) about a certain amount productions, e.g. limit to 20 to xxx productions or
  b) over a certain time, e.g. 1-2 years without limits of any productions
- You pay only my costs, e.g. travelling, staying, health tests, health care etc.
- i like to have 30% of each sale lifetime

Steven, German, male, bi, 192cm, 80-82kg, dig 3-5x18, healthy, mobile, flexible in time and use.

If you agree, we have a deal!
If not, just give me an counteroffer for a mutual working base

Contract should be signed as soon as possible to start producing material in summer.

Any offers ?